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coaching your leaders

to Build An inclusive culture

Her Work

Adjunct Professor
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Conflict Resolution

A hallmark of innovative companies is an inclusive and transparent culture. But people are complicated, which makes achieving this culture a challenge. That’s where I come in.


Trained at Harvard and MIT, I help organizations create consensus where there is discord and lasting behavioral change within people. Using a blend of negotiation theory and design-thinking principles, I work to identify the root of the problem and create a custom program that includes communication training, leadership coaching, and strategic planning.


I’ve been on the ground floor of two Silicon Valley tech startups, launched two companies of my own, and held positions at billion-dollar corporations. Simply put, I know first-hand the problems that arise for my clients because I’ve been the employee, manager, and founder that’s frustrated by fractured systems. 


Whether it’s working with Fortune 500 executives, a family business, or helping reduce cocaine production in Colombia, I approach each situation with a wealth of experience and a completely tailored approach. Cooperation and efficiency don’t magically happen, but it’s important to get it right and I can help.

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