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Customized to your team, and highly engaging


Learn how to communicate better and be more persuasive

Strategic Planning

Get everyone on the same page with a cohesive strategy


Spark the start of a deep, meaningful dialogue

Driven by the impact effective communication can have, I excel at making systemic change a reality. I approach each client as if it were my own company, doing the work necessary to getting everyone on the same page. I don’t just take a look around and tell you how to fix things, I roll my sleeves up and do the work right alongside you to ensure you see the results you’re after. I’ve worked with law firms and non-profits, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives. No two workshops, speaking engagements or strategy discussions look the same because I customize my approach and material to meet your organization’s specific goals and needs.

Workshops and Training

My workshops are more than just a checkbox. I design each session to create real change within organizations by going beyond the confines of a typical lecture-focused seminar. I spend less time talking and more time engaging with your team members in a meaningful way. I do my research ahead of time and tailor my workshops so that the content resonates with whomever is in the room and structure the curriculum to effectively meet each group's specific needs. 


My workshops and trainings are effective in triggering sustainable behavioral change because I help participants see how change is not only valuable to the organization but to themselves, too. 

I offer workshops in the following topics:

  • Difficult conversations

  • Persuasion and Negotiation

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Active listening

  • Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions

Leadership Coaching 

An organization’s culture is defined by its leaders and the expectations set for leaders is evolving. To achieve a culture of collaboration, innovation and resilience, the work starts at the top — and those aiming to be there. I work with corporate executives, intrapreneurs (any team that operates like a start-up) and minority women to gain the tools to become visionaries in their field. By learning how to have better conversations, improving your persuasion skills and empowering others through inclusion, you’ll set yourself to be a stand-out innovator in your field whom others are eager to work with. 

Strategic planning

My inclusive approach to finding and implementing solutions works to ensure everyone is on the same page and establishes accountability so that my clients achieve real, sustainable results. I help organizations and teams develop and define high-level goals, then create a detailed, concrete strategy that maps out the milestones and work necessary to reach those goals. Whether you’re looking to reduce turnover, increase diversity or promote effective collaboration, I’ll do the work necessary to find the root of the problem and map out the path to its resolution.

Speaking Engagements

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but hiring the right speaker can ignite a much-needed conversation that ends up lasting months. Conflict occurs at every level of an organization, so everyone regardless of job title can benefit from learning how to have better conversations, improve their skills of persuasion and discover how to better advocate for themself. I combine my theoretical knowledge with real-world implications to spark a desire for change. Whether it be company-wide all-hands meetings or a lunch-and-learn with a small team, my audiences walk away not only feeling inspired to take on the conflicts they face, but also armed with practical skills they can start implementing tomorrow. 

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